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What is Suppify?

Do you want the best prices on supplements? And knowledge on topics to help you succeed in all areas of your fitness journey? Our new brand Suppify ( is the best place for all things supplements, fitness and health. We have a very exciting new website launching soon which will not only help you save money on supplements and other fitness products, our blog will showcase a huge variety of topics helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Who is behind Suppify?

The brand was created by two mates, myself (Josh) and my best mate Jamie. We have both always loved sport and fitness from an early age and continued that through to our adolescent, teenage and now early adult years. I played a lot of sport when I was young but in particular tennis at a relatively high level. This was until I was about 14 when travelling and the close to full-time regiment became too much and I burnt out of the sport (burnout from sport and fitness is a topic we will talk about at a later date). This led me to play Rugby League for a couple of years before returning to tennis. Jamie followed a slightly different trajectory as he was a keen soccer player for many years.

All the while doing these sports, both myself and Jamie decided to take up the gym.

Simpsons- What's a GYM?

And by the gym, we tried out ‘bodybuilding’ (or something to that extent). And just like that, like a lot of people these days, we were hooked. We trained together regularly and found our groove. We would come between 4-6 days a week for about 60 to 90 minutes, with Jamie often going for two hours plus! Not only were we hooked…we fell in love with the gym. Trust me, there’s a point to this story. The main reason we wanted to start the brand Suppify was to help people by making vitamins, supplements, fitness gear and products as affordable as possible. How could we make this happen?

Myself and Jamie found that we were spending a large amount of our hard earned dollars every month on vitamins and supplements when we were doing our bodybuilding regimen to help recover, build muscle, and lose fat (depending on the goal at the time). We always felt if there was a way we could get the best possible price on our supplements, this would be a big help to the health and fitness industry. Well…we think we have come up with a solution.

Our aim is to feature as many supplement companies, brands and products as possible on to showcase the large variety of options you can choose from. Better still, we have created a feature which allows you to compare the price on the same or similar products which will show the difference in prices allowing you to select the best deal.

To see our ‘Compare’ feature in action visit or check out some more blogs at




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